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Was the Office of the Special Prosecutor created to gag Martin Amidu?

Comment: Give us a break!

2019-04-15 11:52:42
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Was the Office of the Special Prosecutor created t

These two are con men - one hungry for power and the other bitter against his party. Bot are traitors and when the time comes, Ghanaians will not forgive these men
Nana is a divisionist, tribalist, revisionist who was aided by a northerner to assume power- the greatest diservice someone educated through NDC largesse can do to the country
Citized vigilante could not authenticate all his accusations when during his vetting
Nana will go down in history as the most irresponsible leader in our history. Forget about free SHS, it is not funded by his fathers money and is poorly implemented in an intimidating fashion and by putting fear of God in those who can constructively critisize.
Nana is giving Akans a bad name in this Union- portrays them as greedy lots, divisive lots, and disrespectful of other ethnic groups. This is not how you live in a community of ethnic groups . Shame!

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04-15 11:24
Give us a break!
04-15 11:52