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Was the Office of the Special Prosecutor created to gag Martin Amidu?

Comment: NADAA tricked Amidu to fail

2019-04-15 11:24:32
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Was the Office of the Special Prosecutor created t

The truth is that NADAA deliberately and cleverly set up Martin Amidu to fail. NADAA knew that his two-year old government had seen more corruption allegations than the combined eight years of Mills and Mahama. He knew that. The only way he could stop the press and the citizenry constantly complaining about corruption within the NPP govt was to set up the SP office and choose as its head, the most vociferous anti-corruption campaigner and vigilante called Martin Amidu whose proverbial knife was double-edged; he would catch you whether you were NPP or NDC. Quite an admirable character. However, NADAA had to muzzle Amidu otherwise, any attempt to prosecute anyone from the NPP government would threaten the longevity of his government. So the net result is that the has rendered Amidu impotent and all Amidu is doing is enjoying the title and the perks that go with it. So NADAA has played his card quite well whereas Amidu has allowed himself to be pushed into the trap and now he is like a lame duck.

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04-15 11:24
NADAA tricked Amidu to fail
04-15 11:24