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Missing man found dead at Assin Awisem video centre

Comment: Mahama is a Thief.

2019-03-31 09:17:34
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Re: Missing man found dead at Assin Awisem video c

Fool, NDC itself is a criminal organisation headed by a Thug called thief Mahama. Thief Mahama has stollen millions of Ghana money stucked inside Lodina's fat smelly ass. Thief Mahama is desperately trying hard to come back to cause more damage to the people of Ghana but Ghanaians will never allow such a dickhead and a certified thief to come and ruin the progress of Nana Addo. Nana Addo is is delivering his promises one by one.

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03-31 09:09
Mahama is a Thief.
03-31 09:17