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Accra to Paga by rail, how soon? - Part 2

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2019-02-03 22:09:35
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Accra to Paga by rail, how soon? - Part 2

Is there a rail masterplan for Ghana? Has it been shared with the public? Cant we build an integrated system for the rail industry? I know there is a company building concrete sleepers. We need some companies to build the gauges, the coaches etc. We need in borrow 10billion to invest in these and more. that 3 billion for skyrail in Accra needs a rethink. Why ask for a fish when we can plan to learn how to fish? If the rail boom begins from Ghana, we will be leading it to connect all of West Africa and the rest to start. This means Ghana becomes an engineering and production hub for rail in west Africa, we supply component parts and we have technically trained people fabricating parts for the rail industry. This is just one industry we can grow. The ChloroAlkaline industry is yet to be tapped. It has billions and billions in store, yet it is lying dormant. Man! we have places to go a work to do if we shift away from the sickening cycle of usefless, meaningless and pointless NDC/NPP-4-year politics and the "get a degree mentality". We need to make the mid-level manpower positions more attractive and get degree holders to go back to school to train to be technicians. A country of graduates, yet we are so uneducated.

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