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Martin Amidu writes: Stop politicizing purely criminal conduct

Comment: When you lied to an office, you will lie

2019-01-18 09:04:13
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When you lied to an office, you will lie out.
The fact is that ethics does not allow a person to prosecute himself, wife, friend or brother.
So its a fact that Martin Amidu has no moral and ethics. Somewhere in 1996 when my boss requested me to investigate a case concerning a nephew of mine who dead by accident I told him that the dead person was my relative and ethics does not allow me to investigate such cases.
Why a person may have some disagreement with a member of his family, thus will use his position as a prosecutor to imprison him and take the properties of the family or even a clan.
I wrote even before Martin Amidu was appointed as the Special Prosecutor that he is not fit for the job.

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01-18 07:24
When you lied to an office, you will lie
01-18 09:04