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Nana Appiah Mensah has an obligation to retract

Comment: Menzgold

2018-12-31 08:16:25
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Nana Appiah Mensah has an obligation to retract

Prof,u are one person I admire for always speaking your mind and more importantly, always being able to expose the hypocrites of our time. I'm rather sad that the government is silent over the biggest fraud ever perpetrated against the people of this land.understand he is emptying his accounts whilst government looks on.Yes ,we will resist government attempt to reimburse menzgold customers with public funds, we will in equal measure applaud government if he orders and investigation into the criminal activities of nam1 and where possible retrieve the little left of their investments. The depth of the fraud shouldn't be underrated, it's so huge and involve prominent personalities who are shy to come out.Ndc have succeeded in creating a DKM for the npp and will desperately take advantage of it.Happy new year, prof.

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