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Exposing the hidden agenda behind the failed lawsuit challenging creation of new regions

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2018-12-06 05:44:25
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Exposing the hidden agenda behind the failed lawsu

One cardinal principle I have noted in life is that whoever spends his/her time scheming for others not to progress only end up stiffling his/her own progress. Volta region is bedevilled with poverty, low level of development and all the evils because they spend greater part of their time on scheming for other people's downfall, specially Ashantis. Talk to any typical ewe about an issue and he/she will find a way to link it to Ashantis. Meanwhile the typical Ashanti is thinking about how to go on with his/her life. Six regions are going to be created. Only one is from volta and see the hulabaloo. What has Ashanti got to do with this. Chiefs, priests, politicians and all ewes carry this absurdity.

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