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NPP has failed Ghanaians on numerous campaign promises - Mahama

Comment: NPP Spermicide

2018-11-29 15:54:32
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NPP has 4 years mandate, not 2

Uncle Pe rubbish.
Free SHS is been funded by investments made by the former administration under JM, oil and gas program.
Outside of Free SHS everything touched by Nana's NPP is low hanging fruit.
All the tax cuts from Nana's NPP is now been clawed back in other Taxes, but you Little Black Monkeys are too stupid to notice. Planting for food supports Free SHS, but setting up Kennedy, and friends to supply the bulk of the food amounts to corruption.
And as for the Cylinder distribution deal, to have Sydney heyford in the deal amounts to corruption.
So shut the fuk up, and go build your Cathedral.

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11-29 15:05
NPP Spermicide
11-29 15:54