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On Mahama’s second coming: Why Free SHS could be under serious threat


2018-09-02 08:09:41
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On Mahama’s second coming: Why Free SHS could be

Mr KB, your long talk will not wash away any good thing. If the policy is good and worth funding it would be done. It’s not for nothing that the Constitution says it should be gradual or progressive.
When you can’t even fund a first S1 year’s prog how can you fund both S1 and S2 this year and possibly with S3 next year. No wonder it is now being turned into Tracks 1 & 2 with 81 days reproduction theory in school and 81 days pregnancy practicals at home. And who takes the final Exams first or both tracks at the same time?
I thought Nana would even say that students should pay half fees instead of free which would have eased the burden on parents.
Mahama said Progressive. If you feel you can do it at once, pls, go ahead. After all, who will close his mouth to free manner dropping into his mouth. If you have to carry one (1) bag of cement and you decide you will carry ten (10), thinking it’s just a zero (0) added to one (1) to make a (10), your body will tell you how foolishly you have been thinking.
And for you proponents who have been singing funny praises about the idea you would realize that you can’t even dance to your majesty’s voice when the “time comes”.

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