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Kofi Adams, why won’t discerning Ghanaians panic over Mahama’s comeback?

Comment: corruption

Baba way
2018-08-27 11:02:13
Comment to:
Kofi Adams, why won’t discerning Ghanaians panic

Dear sir,I think Mr K Badu you are full of shit for talking about corruptions not talking about npp corruption tag from the president down to you.Talking about Eo group money even EO group itself was a corrupt organization fronting for the former president Kuffour talk about them if you are serious about corruptions in the last election Ghanaians to vote for npp now look out the mess we are in and are back again with your stupid write up about President Mahama he will run again no amount of propaganda from you and people like you will sway the voters from voting for him because we had found out the hard true about the 2 and Mahama is better.Going and found out if EO group have given him money and also find out how did they get their money before you talk about their money which is a lie.

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08-27 05:09
Baba way
08-27 11:02