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Kofi Adams, why won’t discerning Ghanaians panic over Mahama’s comeback?

Comment: Mahama is a FRAUDSTER

2018-08-27 05:46:17
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Mahama will lose

God will punish anyone who would vote for incompetent criminal John Mahama to lead Ghana to send us back into dumsor. Ghanaians would surely regret if this joker is brought back to retire our advancement. Foolish thief Mahama, you're brainless and highly incompetent so please leave Ghanaians alone. For 8 years what intervention or policy did you introduce, except exhibition of gross incompetence and duping us and giving our bauxite deposits to your brother Ibrahim Mahama who had collapse five banks in the country. Tell your brother to pay his loans and taxes, fraudsters...

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08-27 05:09
Mahama is a FRAUDSTER
08-27 05:46