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Economic difficulties under NPP man-made - Asiedu Nketia


Stephen Donkor, New York.
2018-08-16 13:15:16
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Economic difficulties under NPP man-made - Asiedu

Go and ask the nurse trainees and teacher trainees, if they agree with your assertions. The reality is, most of the projects the NDC embarked on were just superficial and we’re using them to milk our nation. Look at the amount that were injected into these E - High School building projects. The amounts were so astronomical, that which government in their rights minds will allow such thievery to go on? Yes the Akuffo- Addi administration stopped you, so that the Auditor General could conduct investigations into the funding and how the contracts were awarded. Looking at the amount of money the NDC borrowed; and projects that is said to be implemented with such colossal amounts of funds, it’s mind boggling. Asiedu is whinnying, but he’s bound to complain more than this, the numerous Chinese Sino trucks he bought with our stolen money are now headed into total wreckage, he now needs money to repair and replace some of them, but where is the money. He was begging for alms from Kennedy Agyepong before the NDC came back to power in 2008. Now he can boast of numerous buildings and filling stations, how did he get them? He built the $ 20 million NDC edifice and pocketed chunk of the earmarked amount. He hasn’t seen nothing yet. BAM: BUI DAM CEMENT BLOCKS is staring right at him. Amidu will also get back at him.

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08-16 12:32
Stephen Donkor, New York.
08-16 13:15