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Ministerial reshuffling: Akufo-Addo banks on administrative experience to protect polls

Comment: You're absolutely right..!!!!

Victor A. Young
2018-08-10 03:31:53
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Yeah, that is right but.....

You're absolutely right, Pelicles! There many things going on that most Ghanaians don't seem to know. It's because the Media, most of whom are pro-NDC wish that these developments never come to the public domain. So it was incumbent on the Minister for Information to inform the citizenry of gov't plans and programs. So it comes as no surprise to see the kind of reshuffling the President has made to his team.

At the moment, the Railway and Road Sectors are going through massive transformation. The micro-economic indicators are showing lots of improvement albeit a dip in GDP growth in the Q-1 of the year; Inflation has remained flat compared to 2017. But so far, so good for Ghana, in terms of economic development---the IMF and other Economic Monitoring groups such as S & P and Moody have all commended Ghana's performance.

Ghana is said to be fasted growing economy in the World. Just think about that! Yet there some unscrupulous beings peddling falsehood on social networks and on local Airwaves, about the gov't.

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08-10 02:26
You're absolutely right..!!!!
Victor A. Young
08-10 03:31