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Special Prosecutor's Office will only investigate ‘serious cases’ - Martin Amidu

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Col. Q
2018-07-13 13:55:38
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Special Prosecutor's Office will only investigate

Amidu came to the limelight when he confronted the NDC about the Woyome case, which already is being dealth with by the courts! Now he has no real targets because the corruption runs thru the complete width and bredth of the Ghanaian sociaty!Now it is not only NDC, but also NPP, PNC, PPP and CPP etc etc! He can't touch Charlotte Osei and Co. because the Chief Justice says she has establish a prima facie case against them so would have to prosecute them! All other suspected cases concerning the former govt, are also already being investigated by the AG and the govt. state prosecutors offices! This leaves Amidu to investigate other cases coming up! Now he even lacks the personel and finances to efficiently do his work, apart from that, "serious cases" popping up mainly involved the govt which appointed him and this is "coming to pass" what Ken Agyapong predicted when Amidu was appointed!Cases which have emerged recently, involve top people in the govt. To keep Amidu away from these cases, Nana Addo immediately appoints "committees" to handle these cases knowing very well these "committees" would manipulate and rubbish the "accusations" and sweep them under the carpet! So far the "SPECIAL PROSECUTOR" created to keep Amidu quiet and still. But no fears, Nana Addo indirectly hinted what he expects from Amidu , namely "SPECIAL PERSECUTOR" . Nana Addo told him in public NOT to do that, but .....Amidu has no choice otherwise he would become "unbiz" and INCOMPETENT according to the "Gospel of NPP" !!!!

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07-13 11:15
Re: Special Prosecutor's Office will only investig
Col. Q
07-13 13:55