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Special Prosecutor's Office will only investigate ‘serious cases’ - Martin Amidu

Comment: You have shown your bias already

2018-07-13 11:29:43
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Special Prosecutor's Office will only investigate

Unless you are able to convince us much better. You are not going to witch hunt and go free. That Ghanaians can assure you. Do not tell me to bring evidence before you prosecute the finance minister, the two deputy chief of staffs the cash for seats and the list goes on. Even the NPP congress and the useless crimianl Fredie Blay and Akufo Addo. Nobody can tell Ghanaians that Akufo Addo is not behind the purchase of those buses whiles hospitals have no IC scans, beds and the rest.I am again calling on those who would be invited by Amidu not to honour the invitations until Akufo Addo and his criminal gangs are first investigated. We are ready to die to protect this country from this Akyem criminals.Every crime against the nation is a crime and must be dealt with equally. Do not tell us that bullshit.Then you better cut it off right now and make sure you have enough funds to deal with all the crime committed by individuals against this nation. Don,t make any fucking attempt to cherry pick. You and that your foolish so called president would pay for it dearly. You are warned.

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07-13 11:15
You have shown your bias already
07-13 11:29