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Special Prosecutor's Office will only investigate ‘serious cases’ - Martin Amidu

Comment: OH ! OH !! OH!!!

2018-07-13 11:15:01
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Special Prosecutor's Office will only investigate

Mr. Special Prosecutor has failed woefully to the admiration of his foes.
How would you determine a hearsay if you do not investigate first to establish the basis of the case first.
At best what you must do is to set up a number of desks in your office to advice you on which case needs your attention and which does not.
Your blanket statement as attributed to you is rather misleading and and a show of incapability and unwillingness for the task for which you made so much noise.
As usual; remember however that "TIME ALONE WILL TELL".

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07-13 11:15
OH ! OH !! OH!!!
07-13 11:15