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House of Chiefs is not CID Headquarters

Comment: Accountability to the Ghanaian people

2018-07-11 02:15:58
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House of Chiefs is not CID Headquarters

I would recommend that the Leader of the House of chiefs should also call for the Special Prosecutor to retrospectively investigate as to how the NDC came by their multimillion new headquaters.

The House of Chiefs should not be seem to be one sided
The other question that all the chiefs of Ghana have to ask themselves as to whether they had no clue that Galamasey run by foreigners destroying the land they had taken an oath to protect as it is a fact in the Ghanaian culture that every chief swears an oath to protect the land passed onto them by our ancestors .
If the chiefs are to be seem as honest custodians of the land they were bequeathed by our ancestors, they should help the Government to fight this problem instead of paying lip service, whilst at the same time conniving with the foreigners, big people to destroy our land and hence the health of their subjects.
Corruption will never be eradicated if there is a lot of hypocrisy in dealing with the issue.
As an African Leader at a Conference in London said "The unborn African is corrupt as a door nail until our genes are mutated, corruption among the so-called top people will never stop"
God bless Mother Ghana

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07-11 02:15
Accountability to the Ghanaian people
07-11 02:15