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JB Daquah-UG brouhaha: President only gave historical facts – Hamid

Comment: No, it is Histotical Composition

2018-05-09 13:08:13
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JB Daquah-UG brouhaha: President only gave histori

To the misguided Minister of Information:

Only a cognitively-challenged and a sophomoric thinker like the President would argue the case that his uncle founded the University of Ghana and expect Ghanaians to sing hallelujah alongside such a treasonous claim.

I have always insisted that the Presidents' sole purpose is to settle an age-long family vendetta of raising the status of The Akyems above all groups in Ghana. Only a tribal bigot in the name of the President will reincarnate ancient gossip to the level of a national discourse.

The President should bow down his head in shame and apologize to the good people of Ghana.

Mr President, Ghana will not provide you the platform to fuel tribal bigotry and long discarded atavistic sentiments of the Akyem people.

Shame on you.

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05-09 11:46
No, it is Histotical Composition
05-09 13:08