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JB Daquah-UG brouhaha: President only gave historical facts – Hamid


2018-05-09 11:47:11
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JB Daquah-UG brouhaha: President only gave histori


IN 1943 the colonial government set up the Asquith Commission to investigate establishing universities in all its colonies around the world. JB Danquah wasn’t part of that, it was an all British affair decided at the Whitehall. The Elliot Commission was assigned to the West African sub region. Again JB wasn’t part of that commission, it was an entirely British affair. The Elliot commission recommended two unis in W/A, one in Nigeria the other Ghana, another all British decision. The colonial government however, decided to build only one university in Nigeria to serve the region (apparently as cost saving exercise). This disappointed Ghanaian intellectuals who knew about the plan to build two universities. They made their disappointment known to the British through a delegation led by JB Danquah. The colonial government changed its mind and reverted to the original recommendation of Sir Elliot. So the British built the university college of Gold coast in what is now Achimota College in 1948. College because the new institution couldn’t award its own degrees. All it’s degrees had to be approved by university of London, who issued certificates to graduates. It will not be until 1961 that Kwame Nkrumah would build new campus at legon, upgrade the college status to a full university status and award its own degree on its merit and become its first Chancellor. So you be the judge: is Akufo-Addo right to call his uncle JB Danquah the FOUNDER of the university of Ghana? Why should it matter anyway, Ghanaian politicians bestowed the airport Kwame Nkrumah built to the soldier who illegally removed his from power and nobody saw anything wrong with it. And can somebody tell this president to stop meddling with history and start creating his own legacy for posterity?

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