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NDC served ‘lean kenkey’ instead of ‘lean government’ – Gabby

Comment: Shame!

2018-04-27 15:28:33
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NDC served ‘lean kenkey’ instead of ‘lean go

You are sitting at the seat of government by behest of your cousin and talking shit. Let it be known that you have no business being loud mouthed about things pertaining to government as you have achieved nothing but live your life in the shadows of your cousins.
You guys have lied your way into power and yet expect us to hail you like kings. SHAME on you NPP for all the promises and no delivery.
1 district 1 factory
1 district 1 million
1 district 1 dam
goodness gracious! I mean what other lies can you feed Ghanaian's and still come out smelling of roses?
The funny thing that kills me is that you say NDC was the worst you've ever seen yet you come and do worse.
Flag staff house employees more than NDC.
Ministers more than NDC
family government more than NDC
bad deals that put Ghana in a bad light worse than NDC. Yet talking shit is the order of the day for you. BIG BIG SHAME GABBY!!! you are a disgrace and That Nana Addo is a liar and That VICE IS A BIGGER LIAR! you guy have truly shamed yourself.

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