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Ghana is a haven to invest in – President Akufo-Addo tells UK investors

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2018-04-19 16:24:34
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Ghana is a haven to invest in – President Akufo-

Sanitation, sanitation and again sanitation. Unhygienic environment can put investors off. I will not support any government that put anything before health. Ghanaians need hygienic environment to live longer.Only 20% of the entire population have access to modern toilet facilities. Ghana smells. Instead of parliamentarians putting heads together to solve the sanitation crisis which is becoming epidemic, they attack themselves. Visit any toilet in the ministries, hospitals, universities and all the public establishments,the heat ???? alone can lead you to the emergency. Our stinking environments is the very reason why the Europeans disrespect us.They remove the filth from the gutters,it will not be collected, the filth will again find its way back into the gutters. Oh blackmans GHANA.

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