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Practice foundations of Nkrumaism in Social Systemicity 1

Comment: Beware of the 'ides' of 2020! Npp!

2017-12-28 00:00:33
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Practice foundations of Nkrumaism in Social System

There is and will be time for everything. Time for lies and time for the truth to be revealed. We must rest assured that time is fast approaching when the lies and incompetence of the neocolonial danquists would be laid bare for all right thinking Ghanaians and Africans to see. This is going to be manifested in their last opportunity to prove to Ghanaians what they claim to be made of, especially, their bogus ideology.
I am happy that shallow minded and dogmatic people like SAS are seeing the signs on the wall. I am waiting to see how this corrupt and visionless npp will try to exonerate themselves from marching Ghana backwards again.
All I can for see is a strong new Nkrumaist Party coming to rescue the nation and moving it forward to serve as a model for other African states.

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12-27 08:56
Beware of the 'ides' of 2020! Npp!
12-28 00:00