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Practice foundations of Nkrumaism in Social Systemicity 1

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2017-12-27 22:56:27
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Re: Nkrumah in his Own Mirror

There is nothing that NKRUMAH did for himself or for his own glorification.I know this very well because I am die hard and genuine PanAfrikanist so I know how a true PanAfrikanist like OSAGYEFO thinks.A genuine PanAfrinist is selfless to the born.Myself I am not a millionaire but if you would come to know the number of children and women I have helped in Afrika with my organisation in Prague for the past 17 years you would be amazed.NKRUMAH declared Ghana as one party state not because he was power hungry but because of the rapid devlopment of Ghana.Because the opposition party at the time was resorting to boycotts,sit ins and absence from parliaments.That frustrated the agenda of rapaid development of the OSAGYEFO so much and before he turned Ghana into one party state said:The future of young developing nation cannot be held back by deliberate boycotts and sit ins of parliaments.But anyway who told you that there is only one model for development and that is through democracy?So what do you think of China and N orth Korea?Have you checked the democratic credentials of leaders of Singapore.Malaysia and Taiwan just to name a few in the course of their development???This is why I dont like fancy most educated Africans because they appear to be bias,niave and ignorant in their assessment because they are right from the start eurocentric apologist or caricaturist or so it seems.Else how would you explain the the industralisation and development of democratic Brtiain and American with slavery and colonisation???

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