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Practice foundations of Nkrumaism in Social Systemicity 1


2017-12-27 08:56:10
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Practice foundations of Nkrumaism in Social System

If zou did perceive NKRUMAH as a dictator then he was not your usual kind of dictator or your standard type of dictator.Because I have not seen dictators anywhere who built schools and even start experimenting with free education for his people to liberate their minds and potentials.I have not seen or heard dictators anywhere who did not loot their countries resources for their personal wealth and gains.I have not seen dictators anywhere who did not kill tens,hundreds and millions of thier own people and even other peoples.A dictator is not so much concerned with the rapid development of his country and people.NKRUMAH indeed is not your kind of dictator but I still embrace the dictatorship tag of his envious and devilish detractors and therefore called him A POSTIVE DICTATOR.We do understand some of the reasons why you have mounted such a lomg standing propaganda of brainwashing and hatred against a genius,selfless,postive,patriotic,paspassionate and visionary and dynamic leader beyond comparison.Yes he was moving fast to develop his country and continent against the laid down rules of your foreign secret society.So which secret society do you belong my dear devil worshipper that makes you hate NKRUMAH so much???After all you still have your NEW WORLD ORDER IN SIGHT DONT YOU?And I will be happy to join you myself to plead for the forgiveness of a good and selfless leader like OSAGYEFO KWAME NKRUAM.

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12-27 08:56
12-27 08:56