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Why the black pastors are not true disciples of Christ


2017-12-19 08:43:12
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Apostle Dugbaza, you seem to be ignorant of the harm these latter day Pentecostal preachers are causing to their followers. I will use my personal experience to show you how these prosperity preachers can be abnormal in their dealings. 1) I used to be a member of Winners Chapel International. Early this year, I donated a bag of maize out of the proceeds from my farm, to widows in my church. Do you know that the maize is still sitting in the store house of the church at the mercy of mice and other rodents? The reason being that the pastor wanted me to sell the maize and bring the money to him to decide what to do with it. 2) In the same church, the resident pastor has posted on the notice board, the list of those who pay tithe and those who don't pay. And even among those who pay, there is a remark column where the pastor, at his own discretion, determines and comments whether any individual is a faithful tither or not. Can you show me a place in the bible where this is done? Even the Pharisees of old will never adopt this evil tactics to coerce their followers to contribute to their course. 3) In the same church, a fellow lost a parent. The members then decided to make donations to the bereaved member and upon gathering some money it was shown to the resident pastor how much members have contributed. To the shock of everybody, the resident pastor said the money was to much and so cut some of the money and asked the church to send the rest to the bereaved member. On the contrary, when the resident pastor's wife delivered, church members were tasked to make contributions and money realised was ten times what was raised for the bereaved member yet the pastor did not say it was too much. You see, the mess being caused in the church nowadays is too disgraceful and unbiblical. Thank God, the Lord is now raising a new generation of believers who are now embracing the titheless message with cataclysmic surge. I recently met some lecturers who were all in support of the titheless gospel and their comments make me believe that very soon, pastors who preach prosperity messages will be doomed.

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