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Why the black pastors are not true disciples of Christ

Comment: What thrash!

Dennis Awah
2017-12-19 08:42:00
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Why the black pastors are not true disciples of Ch

The author apart from showing how totally useless Christian actions are in reality has failed to give an example of when in history a christian nation has risen to the apex of wealth and economic equality within their population. He has shown no example except an unconfirmed account in the bible which has no factual basis. Even this account is a poor example because even if christian communities did pool their resources to share with the poor they did not once ever fight for social injustice that existed in Jesus times like slavery, the inferior status of women, etc. Anyone can feed the poor, but few can lift them out of poverty.
The author is also dishonest by trying to paint early christian charity as driven by compassion (which Christians believe is a unique feature of their religion) it was actually driven by their belief that the world was going to end soon. Paul Jesus and the apostles continuously pushed the 'end of the world" agenda and therefore preached no game changing ideas such as abolition of slavery, equal rights for women, rights of the child, equality of all races, the importance of education in alleviating poverty(yes education not religion alleviates poverty) etc. They all believed the world was about to end soon (so much for Jesus being god because it didn't happen).
The author is trying to tie christianity to wealth in a way which has never been proven, even Europe during its most fundamentally Christian epoch was poor, illiterate and sick, rife with injustice, slavery, social injustices, no human rights etc. Even in the USA today the most fundamentally Christian states like Mississippi and Alabama are the poorest, worst in equality, education, health etc just another example that Christian charity is nothing more than vain propaganda and fraud.

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12-19 06:22
What thrash!
Dennis Awah
12-19 08:42