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Amaliba must be careful of his reputation

Comment: You're so wrong Issah Fuseni

Abeeku Mensah
2017-12-16 07:06:15
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Amaliba must be careful of his reputation

There is no law that stipulates that Maxwell Opoku Agyeman and his clients could not initiate claims against the EC chair in the lower courts of Ghana and allow their case to work its way through the courts but through the office of the president if they want to get a more favorable outcome. The petitioners do either have legal standing and valid claims or they do not. Afterall, it is through the kangaroo legal system we have as a result of unbridled political interference that Martin Amidu, who could not have legal standing, interest or injury through a real and fair court system, waited his turn until the Woyome case reached the Supreme Court of Ghana before filing his briefs to correct lower court rulings. The question for you, Issah Fuseni is why did the case of the petitioners against the EC chair has to take a detour through the office of the president who appointed the siting Chief Justice of the Ghana Supreme Court to cajole the Chief Justice into making what amounts to a politically driven vendetta against the EC chair?
Lawyer Amaliba deserves the same vigilante credits you, Issah Fuseni, and other unprincipled Ghanaians showered on Martin Amidu for going broke on purely retributive actions against the NDC. Where should the EC boss go for redress when the President in cohorts with the Chief Justice deprive her of her rights, liberties and justice; did the Chief Justice not thump her nose at the African court?

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12-16 06:25
You're so wrong Issah Fuseni
Abeeku Mensah
12-16 07:06