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Open letter to Parliament on the proposed Legal Profession Regulations

Comment: Lets try and innovate

2017-12-04 20:31:27
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Open letter to Parliament on the proposed Legal Pr

The way we are going about legal education explains why we are where we are that is going nowhere.Our mindset seems to be set in stone. We are unable to innovate in response to changing needs.

Nkrumah set up The Accra Legal School to meet a need. It is obvious that the needs have grown with the expansion of the economy and social progress. Yet the authorities are still unable to think through about how they can meet the new needs.

We were once a British Colony. if we have open minds there is a lot that we can learn from how the British have meet their legal manpower needs as their society has become more complex. This is with particular reference to the delegation of the teaching and training from The Inns of Court School of Law and the University of Law to other Universities and colleges around the country. Without this delegation there would have been great difficulty in training lawyers in England from a single Inns of Court School of Law based in London and a Single University Of Law based In Guildford.

Let us rethink the way we do some of these things. The Accountants and Engineers do not arbitrary set out to control entry into their professions. Legal Education should be open ended. Up to the market to decide how many lawyers it needs

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