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Samson’s Take: Even moral cultural values protected by law endangered?

Comment: Give Us a Break Son!

Dr. SAS, Attorney at Law
2017-12-03 16:05:34
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Samson’s Take: Even moral cultural values protec

Write like a lawyer and stop your puerile peroration that: “Unnatural carnal knowledge is using the penis to penetrate anything other than a vagina.”

How stupid can you get?

If you reflect on that definition alone, you will see that it doesn’t make any sense whatever.

For example, what about using anything other than a penis to penetrate the vagina?

Your conclusions about homosexuality is also childish because it emanates from the presumption that there is any animal known as a Ghanaian culture. There is none!

A law cannot be broadly interpreted to infringe on the rights of individuals unless it has been explicitly described by legislation; and our laws deal with “unnatural carnal knowledge” which nobody knows yet what it is.

Thus, homosexuality is not illegal in Ghana. After all, how many people have been charged with the offense?

Those goons you are here agitating can go lynch any homosexual and find out what will happen to him/her.

As for nakedness, that is how our mothers and sisters were prancing around until the foreigners came with their stupid religion.

Give us a break Son!

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12-03 10:50
Give Us a Break Son!
Dr. SAS, Attorney at Law
12-03 16:05