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If only our Bawumia worked more and talked less

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Benjust @50
2017-11-07 10:58:26
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If only our Bawumia worked more and talked less

Truth must confront propaganda and that is exactly what the whiz kid Dr Bawumia did.The shameless incompetent ex goat must not be allowed to get away with his clueless jabs. After all what he said was to reassure Ghanaians they will not misappropriate our wealth like we saw under mahama.A gov't who will recklessly spend $6k on a military cemetery when the working soldiers lives and work under squalor conditions must just shut up . A gov't that will spend $14k on a villa for a non performing vice president amissa whilst ramshackle schools were collapsing on school pupils has no moral grounds to talk.If I were mahama,I will shut myself and seek God's forgiveness for the evil visited on Ghanaians. He should rather make restitution and return the ill looted wealth he hode overseas.If he is thinking of returning with his looting brigade to to continue with their evil agenda of visiting more miseries on the good people of this land,he had better wise up.we are fully awake and no longer ready for his deceitful propaganda. We now have an incorruptible president who is very focused with a competent team ready to deliver on their promises. I'm on the sidelines and very hopeful Ghana will work again and restore its enviable position in the world economy. If only the ndc will listen to Rawlins, Mahama will belong to history .

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Benjust @50
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