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Ghanaians do not deserve an apology from Mahama

Comment: Listern carefully.

2017-11-07 01:05:27
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Re: mahama botray ghana

Have you heard of the "Atiwa forest reserve"? The Densu river has it source from that forest and do you know that humans are encroaching that forest? Now, as a human with brain to think, what do you think will happen if nothing is done to stop such encroachment?

The forest will disappear meaning, the Densu river will dry out and the people of Accra will have no water for their daily activities. I hope you understand my point.

The steps being taken by Nana and NPP to stop galamsey is a huge achievement and what did Mahama do as president about galamsey? Water is life and humans cannot live without water so if Nana has not done anything at all, putting a halt on illegal mining is a step in the right direction and all Ghanaians will benefit from it. So, that is what Nana and NPP had done for all Ghanaians. We have to preserve what he inherited from our grandfathers and passed it on to future posterity.
That is what commonsense says.

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Listern carefully.
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