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Ghanaians do not deserve an apology from Mahama

Comment: Mahama is desperate.

2017-11-07 00:55:38
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Ghanaians do not deserve an apology from Mahama

Desperation has driven Mahama to expose himself as a "failed leader". He just wake up from hibernation after losing the election and is asking questions without any tangible answers as to why he lost the election.

He lost because he was not a born leader. He has no principles that guides him and any human without any guided principles, no matter what he/she is, is bound to step in a trap and get caught.

The death of Mills paved the way for Mahama to ascend to the throne and we saw what he did. He behave like a wanderer who cannot find his way home in vast desert. No sense of direction. Mahama is just stupid and Ghanaians should ignore him.

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11-07 00:20
Mahama is desperate.
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