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The case of Funny Face: A 2-minute man is not premature ejaculation, ladies

Comment: It differs among men

2017-09-07 08:55:23
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2 to 10 minutes?

Longevity and sustainability in men differ from man to man. Many factors, such as psychological, biological, emotional and physical all tend to determine how long a man would last in bed
The response from the female is also a factor in how long a man can last in bed with her. Majority of Ghanaian women are too docile in bed and are simply unhelpful when it cones to having sex. It may be due to our cultural make up where any discussion of sex in the home is a taboo.
It takes two to tango. So how long a man will be able to satisfy his woman depends on both parties. It also depends on some or all of the factors discussed above.

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09-07 07:15
It differs among men
09-07 08:55