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The case of Funny Face: A 2-minute man is not premature ejaculation, ladies

Comment: 2 to 10 minutes?

Charlie King Addo
2017-09-07 07:15:21
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The case of Funny Face: A 2 minutes man is not pre

Ever head of 2 in 1?
How long one lasts, varies from person to person.

A Rumanian gigolo once told me his average was 90 minutes non stop.

For most whites, otherwise, it is 2 to 10 minutes.

If I should speak for myself, from the age 18 to way over 55 I could go over 2 hours at a go. By that I mean without intermittent stops.

I am no different from most African men living in the Scandinavia.

As a matter of fact most Black American and Caribbean male will give me a run for the money if not beat me to pulp.

This is a big subject and one cannot jump into conclusion because of some funny statistics.

Ask the opinion of ladies on such topics.

They know there are men and there are men.

Even at my age I can still hold my own and I do not need any enhancement pills, tablets or concoction to go the distance. (At least 1 hour).

It is not even always the fault of the man to get bored, shoot fast and vamoose.

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09-07 07:15
2 to 10 minutes?
Charlie King Addo
09-07 07:15