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The story of Jesus is real: Avraham Ben Moshe

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Hiddin Trutth
2017-12-02 06:50:00
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The story of Jesus is real: Avraham Ben Moshe

So Avram claims there are errors in the Bible which wasn't disproved, but his Book, Torah was rather attacked. Funny way of replying, if a "Holy" Book is full of discrepancies then there are possibilities of friction. But it didn't rescind him from losing his Faith. There's a thin line between faith and disbelief, the fact is hell has been used to to instill fear in people so much that they find it difficult to ask questions, if people start to ask questions, most of the pastors will disappear. For instance; Those present at Paul’s conversion heard a voice but saw nothing. Acts 9:7.
Those present at Paul’s conversion saw a light but heard nothing. Acts 22:9. Even how Paul became a disciple is Questionnable. But no one asks, why? People accept to just believe. My advice is, dont inherit Religion, Learn Religions. #Ponder

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Hiddin Trutth
12-02 06:50