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Samson’s Take: The political lawyer – who is that?

Comment: The law must take its natural color.

Elias Sfeir
2017-07-23 08:48:34
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Samson’s Take: The political lawyer – who is t

I am extremely sad when I see politicians destroying almost all the state institutions with political intentions with the sole aim of winning favours in their party.

YEA, was a laudable initiative with the aim of providing jobs for the teeming youths in Ghana. Now, npp came to power and they have decided to get rid of the core staffs who have served the Agency for almost 7 years. Illegal transfers, some staffs from the remotest part of the Brong ahafo region were transferred as far as to Dzordze in the Volta region.

Now registration for new modules are ongoing and all old core staffs are not on the unknown except the newly recruited BMAs. DMMs Directors of YEA, have been rendered toothless others with no offices at all. In effect, it another way of doing everything possible to strategically dismiss all old core staffs in order to fix their conies.

It is worth mentioning that, those who were transferred were given few days to go to their new stations and then in a fee days management followed it with another strongly worded notice to all staffs to immediately leave their offices or else they will not be paid their salaries..What a lawless country?

Staffs transferred were not giving transfer grants absolutely nothing.

Letters giving out for transfers were not signed, the processes of transfer as ascribed by the public services commission and the labour laws were all overlooked.

My heart is wrecked and broken for mother Ghana. The excuse giving for this maltreatment to YEA, staffs were that, the youth organisers of the party were promised jobs by the National Youth organisers Sammy Awuku and this must be adhered to by hook or crook.

In an attempt to contest for another political position in the party, the situation for core staffs of YEA has risen from worse to unimaginable feats. Eiiii civil service paaa been manipulated by an individual as if it is his personal property.

Almost every Director in YEA has been demoted as I scribble this down.

The common word on the lip of the newly recruited staffs is that they were made to through the same hardships when the ndc party was in power. I am utterly surprised they are using political differences as the major excuse to intimidate staffs of YEA.

If there's any law in Ghana, we will pray for the right thing to be done to salvage the situation.

Enough of my ramblings.
God bless our home land Ghana!

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