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Samson’s Take: The political lawyer – who is that?

Comment: Samson Must Answer These Question

Ofui The Mechanic
2017-07-22 22:16:27
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Samson’s Take: The political lawyer – who is t

I m a mechanic and my name is Neccodemus Mensah Abroampah. My friends and clients call me Ofui the Mechanic because they say I m smart like the Ofui. I assume, per your name, you are a Christian, and me and you know that Satan is condemned before Jehovah Nissi, the Otwediampong Nyankronpon . Now my question is, 'will you as a lawyer be bold enough to represent Adamony Satan when he hire you as his lawyer to make an appeal for his harsh sentence by Jehovah? Second, why do you lawyers sometimes defend criminals even when the Criminals themselves confess their sins to You? Why do your clients go to jail when you fail to outwit the Court but you the lawyers escape judgement, even though you the lawyers tell or advise your clients on what to say in court? Finally, just be sincere to yourself on this one, have you ever turned a client away because such a client told you he os she was culpable of a crime but still want you to help exonerate him or her? Finally kwatakwata, I put it to you that all lawyers, per their profession, are moral criminals and will never go to heaven if heaven exist.

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