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Dr. Valerie Sawyerr writes: Show your faces - Cowards!!!

Comment: Dr. Valerie Sawyer Cowards.

The Don
2017-04-01 08:17:04
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Dr. Valerie Sawyerr writes: Show your Faces - Cowa

Not being a registered member of any political party, I would not have commented on this. However being a Ghanaian, resident in the country before the 66 coup, I want to tell the comely lady to take it cool. These are the stuff that ambitious charlatans are made of. All along I did not know you were a serious member of the zu za tradition. Of course you have the right to belong to the party of your choice. All I presumed was that you were a diligent public servant, at the helm of affairs. I must confess I have a soft spot for you, but what you are going through is nothing new. Personally I think you choose the wrong party, with chicken theives, rapists, adulterers,murderers ,what have you. Of course, this list cuts across the political divide, but I have a feeling that, it's time to take a bow. Trust me.A true admirer.

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03-30 12:34
Dr. Valerie Sawyer Cowards.
The Don
04-01 08:17