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Dr. Valerie Sawyerr writes: Show your faces - Cowards!!!

Comment: Dr.Valerie writes: Show your faces, NDC

2017-03-30 17:59:39
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bad waman

She is not a prostitute!! She is a decent and well educated woman who happens to be in the company of wrong group of people. Valerie, if you think you are being surrounded by incompetent and hopeless persons, then you can change your mind. We need people like you to help build the nation; join a progressive party like NPP and I am sure they will receive you with open arms. Please ponder about this carefully because it may help you in the near future. Do not worry, I know some Ghanaian men use that "Prostitute" word for even decent women like you because some of them are not correct in their minds(poor upbringing - no home training).

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03-30 12:34
Dr.Valerie writes: Show your faces, NDC
03-30 17:59