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Dr. Valerie Sawyerr writes: Show your faces - Cowards!!!


Nii Okai
2017-03-30 13:04:09
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Dr. Valerie Sawyerr writes: Show your Faces - Cowa

Your father did his best that those who want to know would have known it yet some hated him that is why today they directed all this words of hatred towards you, therefore you ought to understand that politics is just like the way you see it, meaning full of hatred even among people in the same party.

Remember what happened between Obama and Hillary Clinton, where Hillary used bsd words against Obama. I gave this example because these people are political heavy weights than you politicians in Ghana because of their nation, the USA. Dr Sawyerr, please you need not worry much about all this mess that you see. Some people are in the political arena for greed and selfishness in a smart way.

If l may be straight to the point, in the NDC it is unfortunate that Rawlings who should have been like a father to the party had instead been an underminer of the party he claimed to have formed, and hence due to his anger towards few people in the party he planned to destroy the party out of his political and social inmaturity.

I call such a character and behaviour as smart selfishness and greed like the Ashantis do. There is no surprise about that behaviour of Rawlings since he has an Ashanti wife hence all these underming strategies that he goes on applying to put the party in opposition because he thinks he had lost control of the party so therefore nobody should also gain anything from the pparty, a very wicked and selfish mentality.

In short l laugh at all of you the so called politicians in Ghana, because your behaviours seem like Ghana is your property, a mentality which purely evil and non productive for a nation.

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03-30 12:34
Nii Okai
03-30 13:04