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All concerned soccer fans must join forces to push out inept GFA Head

Comment: Nyantakyie is a big failure

Kwesi Asimani
2017-02-21 19:30:27
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All Concerned Soccer Fans Must Join Forces to Push

Ghana soccer is hurting but the GFA are using talents trained by other FA elsewhere to fulfil the lack of talents that come out out of our FA.

What Kwesi Nyahtakyie don't get is simply that FA are localized based entities whose prowess is seen in their leagues.

Hardly do FA gets judged by national teams in any serious soccer nations. The FAs around the world which we respect are are managing the La liga, Bundesliga, EPL,, and many more I can't mention. All these FA are money making enablers and create space for serious football business. The Ghana FA led by Kwesi Nyantakyie cannot say they are in this category. Nyantakyie cannot even manage Congo league or South African league or Brazilian leagues. All these leagues and the European leagues have something in common. They all have strong and competitive local leagues with heavy support from the local populations.

In Ghana we have a jaundiced FA begging for crumbs to share among Nyantakyie and his minions so our youth teams suffer. Our leagues suffer. And we continue to judge our FA with talented players that had been groomed elsewhere to one play our national teams. This is why there is absolutely no cohesion in our teams especially at the senior level. This is why we have no threatening strikers because we have no programs to develop our needs.

Nyantakyie must realize that football is managed for profit elsewhere and so we should ask him what net profit had his outfit added to our GDP? Can he justify all the investments the various governments have put in stadium etc with the GFA led by him?

Ghana will need to sack him and endure the Fifa banana revamp the FA and economic model that can garner full interests from our populace. Today no one is interested in Ghana football except on occasions when we have an international match. That's a big failure by GFA

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02-21 03:24
Nyantakyie is a big failure
Kwesi Asimani
02-21 19:30