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Why NDC will experience more voter apathy in 2020

Comment: NDC should be disbanded from politics.!!

Victor A. Young
2017-01-31 13:20:26
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Why NDC will experience more voter apathy in 2020

NDC should be disbanded from Ghana politics. How can they keep on telling lies to Ghanaians, deceiving people? Lies and propaganda are NDC's stock in trade; they will lie until thy kingdom come..!!! It's funny to hear that they have formed a committee to investigate their defeat in the December 2016 elections. Instead of admitting that they have always used "bufa-buga" tactics and fraud to win elections they are rather hallucinating over their loss and in most instances, soliliquizing as they have become giddy, since the NPP cleverly blocked all loopholes, preventing them from rigging the elections. The NDC have been hit by virtual vertigo; they can't think madness as everything seems unreal. The dizzy effects of the December 7 elections are forcing them to make silly comments, and mostly wanting to plot something sinister to denigrate the newly sworn-in Akufo-Addo's NPP govt. Shame on NDC..!!!!! These days the youth of Ghana can't be taken for granted anymore; NDC better "turn over a new leaf" else they will stay in opposition forever! They will experience more voter apathy in 2020 and beyond esp knowing that Ghana is implementing its National ID program and also how many, out of the 5 million voters who decided not to vote in December, will rescind their decision in the next elections.

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01-30 01:42
NDC should be disbanded from politics.!!
Victor A. Young
01-31 13:20