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Why NDC will experience more voter apathy in 2020

Comment: Why NDC will experience ..........

Kwame Sarfo Tabi
2017-01-30 11:44:40
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Why NDC will experience more voter apathy in 2020

The writer is out only to exhibit his prowess in juggling big English words. If, if, if,........... Hypothetical. What guarantees that Akuffo Addo can implement all that promised. Already they have started complaining that the economy situation is much worse than they thought. Didn't they know before promising, and why should they promise if they didn't know ? Easier said than done (or in the writer's case, write). Let's wait for results before conclusions. The change in Ghana entails changing our individual mindsets, else no amount of money or promises from whatsoever personality will develop Ghana.

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01-30 01:42
Why NDC will experience ..........
Kwame Sarfo Tabi
01-30 11:44