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Man on high tension pole demands money from Akufo-Addo before decending

Comment: No Tribal Talk, One luv One Nation

Okese ?te k?k??so? Nana, Yabonwura Ba
2017-01-04 07:58:45
Comment to:
Foolish "is king "

Clap for urself my brother I am an Ashanti but I luv my Northern sisters and brothers for one thing truth they always speak the truth like u just did what at all are we looking for as people if I could remember for the last thirty years close to forty I've been on earth Ashantis don't feed Northerners freely neither do Northerners feed Ashantis so what is the beef here why should I hate my fellow human being because of his tribe which is not his fault. I rest my case let the discerning minds judge and I know they will go for the truth n nothing less

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01-03 07:57
Aggie cape
01-05 21:21
No Tribal Talk, One luv One Nation
Okese ?te k?k??so? Nana, Yabonwura Ba
01-04 07:58