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Man on high tension pole demands money from Akufo-Addo before decending

Comment: A little respect will do.

2017-01-04 07:46:35
Comment to:
This is not tribal, is foolishness

I agree with you Sam - Good on you.

To Is King or whatever your name is, you are a devisive person, so ignorant and stupid.
We are all one people and it's about time we unite and move the country forward.

You are a disgrace to the human race and you should be a dog yourself. A little respect for our leaders in society will do. Shame on you!

I think the man on the high tension pylon may have psychiatric issues. He need to be assessed and treated if such is the case otherwise he should be arrested and prosecuted if found to be sane.

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01-03 07:57
A little respect will do.
01-04 07:46
Aggie cape
01-05 21:21