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Man on high tension pole demands money from Akufo-Addo before decending

Comment: This is not tribal, is foolishness

2017-01-03 08:11:45
Comment to:

Why bring tribalism into this issue. What are you insinuating? Is Nana worth the votes of Ghanaians. People like you are disgrace to society. How on earth do u compare your dog to human beings. You are not wiser than the masses who voted for Nana Addo and you seem very ignorant as it was only Ashantes that voted for Nana Addo. Shame on you for your hatred towards Ashantes. Next time address the issue and stop the tribal sentiments. This guy is acting base on his foolishness and putting his life at risk. There is no logic in what he has done and has to be arrested when he comes down for public order offence.

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01-03 07:57
This is not tribal, is foolishness
01-03 08:11
Aggie cape
01-05 21:21