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Proposed relocation of GNPC not advisable – ACEP

Comment: Remove your tribal lenses

2017-01-02 23:07:51
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Stupid argument. Siting of HQ is about service delivery. What is GNPC mandate? Anyone who thinks moving the HQ to the western Region will be to the detriment of potential oil finds in any part of Ghana does not understand the oil business. HQ siting is not a sacrosant decision. HQs are moved all the time. When Volta finds are developed and come on stream like those in the west The HQ will be moved to Keta. So my inward or insecure Ewe brother , stop looking st this issue through tribal lenses ok?
Dr Ishmael Ackah is off base in his arguements on this issue. He should talk to the " Rough Necks" who troop to Ghana to work on oil projects and they can tell him about the inefficiency of GNPC HQ being in Accra. Service is best delivered near the primary actors are. At the moment, the actors are in the western region not Ketu.

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Remove your tribal lenses
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