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Proposed relocation of GNPC not advisable – ACEP

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2017-01-02 16:53:31
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Proposed relocation of GNPC not advisable – ACEP

A step in a right direction, is time we decentralized, we have to look beyond Accra -Tema and build the other regional capitals as well, which must include Sunyani, is long over due. In the 21st century we don't have to put our eggs in one basket spread the infrastructures and create the platform for the economic take off in the entire country by starting from the capitals and later extended to the district capitals that is the way forward. We can talk of countries like USA, Canada, Australia, Germany to mention a few the way they have built their states. We need to copy from them by expanding our infrastructures to every region thus is the modern way not the UK model only London, that mentality of developing one or two or even 4 should be discarded and pursue a government to the door step and we must learn from others.

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