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Proposed relocation of GNPC not advisable – ACEP

Comment: Spread Development across Regions.

2017-01-01 19:59:44
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Proposed relocation of GNPC not advisable – ACEP

First of all, why must we centralise every institution or organ of government in Accra? Moving the headquarters of oil/ petroleum ministry to the western region will be its recognition as the pioneer in the oil discovery on Ghana. Subsequent discoveries and exploitation will just be secondary to the western region. We should not build the Nigerian situation here in Ghana where the citizens of the Niger delta are up in arms against the federal government.
Over concentration of industries and ministries in Accra is largely accountable for the rural - urban drift which has put a lot of stress on infrastructure such as housing ,access roads, health facilities, water etc.
Late President Nkrumah established the department of game and wildlife and headquartered it in Mole but some unscrupulous public servants manipulated and relocated the head office in Accra. What on earth is the significance of such a decision. ? What animals are there to be seen in their natural habitat in Accra?
I therefore think Nana's decision is very pragmatic. Let us begin the process of spreading development across the nation rather scheming to draw very opportunity to Accra.

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01-01 16:25
Spread Development across Regions.
01-01 19:59