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Proposed relocation of GNPC not advisable – ACEP

Comment: Get the bigger picture

2017-01-01 19:28:48
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Proposed relocation of GNPC not advisable – ACEP

This is what I thought at first until I got the bigger picture. When you have almost everything centralized in Accra it just does not make sense when every regional capital can equally housed a head office. Especially when the bulk of the oil and its operational hub is in the region. When you tour the region, you will realize how poor this region is amidst all the natural resources. for me when the office is relocated there, it will give policy makers a clear view of how better to develop such regions with the revenues and open-up the country. After all, what is it doing in Accra?

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01-01 16:25
Get the bigger picture
01-01 19:28